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Benefit Game supporting the Newton Food Pantry
On Feb 18 from 7 to 9 pm, NYH is holding its annual benefit game...
NYH Picture Night
NYH Player Evaluation
NYH Travel Members, It is that time of year again for coaches...
Benefit Game supporting the Newton Food Pantry

On Feb 18 from 7 to 9 pm, NYH is holding its annual benefit game at the Fessenden rink to raise money for a great local charity, The Newton Food Pantry. This year, the game will be played between 2nd year Bantams and members of the Newton and surrounding coaching staffs. For anyone interested in contributing to this event, either as a player/participant, sponsor for a specific player or individual donor, please visit our sign up site at

Players will be asked for a minimum $40 fee to play. When prompted for a tip, all contributors have the option to enter “other” and $0 to ensure 100% of our donations go directly towards helping our Newton neighbors. Many thanks to our sponsors, Play it Again Sports Watertown and Pure Hockey Needham for their support this year.

Please take a moment to learn about the mission of the Newton Food Pantry by visiting https://newtonfoodpantry.org. Interested parties can also contact 

by posted 02/05/2023
NYH Picture Night


It’s that time of year again.

 Picture night has been set for this year by NYH. Please check out the schedule below for the times and dates of your team. Please remember that players need to be dressed in full uniform but without skates as this year’s pictures will be taken off the ice. Below there are links provided for shopping options and ordering online. I would suggest all try to use this method for quicker processing once at the rink.

Any questions let me know.

Paul S. La Scola

Vice President of Travel

 Coaching Director

Newton Youth Hockey

New England Sports Photo (NESP) is proud to be Newton Youth Hockey’s Picture Day vendor on 2/14 AND 2/16. Photos will be taken during each team’s scheduled time at Fessenden Rink, 450 Craft St, Newton, MA.  Please see your player’s scheduled time here:

February 14th at Fessenden Arena

6:00pm – Squirt 1 & 2

7:00pm – All Mite Teams

7:45pm – Bantam 2

Note: Please be in full uniform by the scheduled time

February 16th at Fessenden Arena

6:00pm -Peewee 1 & 2

6:30pm - Learn to Play

6:45pm- Squirts 3 & Girls U12

7:30pm- Bantams 1 & 3

Note: Please be in full uniform by the scheduled time

Please arrive to the photo area 5- 10 minutes earlier than scheduled.

To Pre-Pay online please visit:

 Online Pre-Order Code and Link

ORGANIZATION'S ACCESS CODE: W2222 Code is valid until 11:59PM the night before your picture day. Multi-day events will have an extended period to use their code.

This is your best option. By using the Access Code provided and entering it on https://newenglandsportsphoto.simplephoto.com/ parents can browse our products and then pay for them ahead of time. They will receive a Picture Day Ticket via email attachment with all their information and child’s unique barcode that they must print and bring with their child to photo day. After checking in with our table person, their child (with ticket in hand) can go right to the photographer and hand them their ticket for their individual image.

Your Picture Day is scheduled for 2/14,2/16






by posted 01/25/2023
NYH Player Evaluation

NYH Travel Members,

It is that time of year again for coaches to begin the evaluation process of your player for the upcoming tryout and placement season. In a further effort to increase transparency with the player roster placements, we’re sharing the evaluation criteria that the coaches use to score the players. The intent is that one head coach and at least one assistant coach completes the form for each player.












Hockey Sense


Defensive Awareness

Offensive Awareness



Work Ethic




Coaches Comments



Each Item is scored 1 thru 10 with 10 being the best. A score of 10 shows mastery of all criteria. A score of 5 would indicate ability to execute all skills adequately. A score of 1 would indicate insufficient skill for the level.

Goalies have different Items and are scored the same way.






Form & Agility


Covering Angles



Coaches Comments

Rebounds & covering



You are welcome to share this information with your player as the coach’s evaluation process will begin soon.

As a reminder, the intent is that the 2+ coaches ratings carry about 60% of the scoring weight, and the tryout evaluators’ (three or more evaluators over the tryout sessions) scores worth about 40%. Since the coaches are with the players 4-5 months prior to their evaluations, their score carries a bit more weight.

It would be nice if this was a simple math exercise, but it isn’t. Some kids are new to NYH and don’t have a coach scoring history to count for 60%. Some kids miss tryouts for a variety of reasons. In these cases, we seek additional input where we can.

I hope this helps with your understanding of the process. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Paul S. La Scola

Vice President of Travel

Coaching Director

Newton Youth Hockey

by posted 01/17/2023

Registration for our 2022-2023 Learn to Play program is now open. LTP runs on Saturdays and Sundays from November 12 to March 18.

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