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Newton Girls Hockey Choice Reads and Community News

As part of the USA Hockey membership, you will receive monthly publications featuring hockey articles, athletes, and (my favorite) drawings and poems from around the country - Slaps Gallery. Once you open up the monthly issue, you can read about your favorite teams and players in the community or overcoming adversity. 

My recommendations:

November 2019 Having a Ball (Source USA Hockey; By Mick Colageo, p. 16)

Amidst uncertainy, Katie Burt continues to work hard while keeping the game fun. During her career at Boston College, Katie Burt set an NCAA career record for victories with 121 in 146 appearances, including three 30-win seasons. Katie, a Lynn native, describes her journey as a female hockey goalie and her fun role with the Boston Red Sox. Katie was also ranked #15 amongst the 2019 Women's Hockey Top 25 Under 25!

"Obviously, you watch all the goaltenders around the league, no two goalies are alike so you take bits and pieces." - Katie Burt


2019 Newton Girls Hockey Skate and Play "Bring a Friend" was a huge success! We hosted a girls night out for ages 4-10 on Saturday, November 2nd. This event was successful as it brought together new families and current NYH families. The girls started with a casual warm-up skate to get them comfortable on the ice before practicing a few "drills" and playing some ice soccer. Thank you for introducing us to some of your friends and thank you to our on-ice volunteers, like our Mites "coaches". Stay tuned in as we plan to host another one in December.