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Newton Youth Hockey and Newton Girls Hockey is proud to celebrate the NHL's Hockey Is For Everyone initiative throughout the month of February. We are hosting several events this month to celebrate leadership, volunteerism, and inclusion.

If you want to know how to say Hockey Is For Everyone in 52 different languages, check out our community board at the Fessenden Rink. Hockey truly is for everyone, especially "...for the underdog", our tribute to Miracle, based on the 1980 Olympics!

Katie Guay joined us at Daly Rink on Saturday, February 8th to help out with our free Big Brothers Big Sisters and Friend 2 Friend event. Many kids and adults on the ice were first-timers! The kids learned a few tips and tricks during the intro to hockey, thanks to Coach Paul DiMattia! Check out our Facebook page for cool pics and a gigantic thank you to all of our volunteers from JBBBS. 

It's Never Too Late For Girls Hockey: Somewhere along the lines of society, human beings developed a feeling that if you haven't done something "by now", then it's too late. The NYH Girls Program is challenging that perception! Newton Girls Hockey is hosting an event - It's Never Too Late For Girls Hockey - on Saturday, February 15th at 5pm at Daly Rink in Newton for girls ages 9-14. The rink will be divided in half: open skate at one end and an introduction to hockey at the other end. 

Newton Youth Hockey is teaming up with BU Women's Hockey in February to celebrate diversity in all aspects of hockey - coaching, leadership, and players! On Saturday, February 22nd, Newton Youth Hockey will have the opportunity to see the BU Women's Hockey Team take on UConn at 3pm. Prior to the game, all NYH players will get a tour of the locker room, hear the pregame speech with the team's head coach, and (my personal favorite) hang out on the bench while the girls warm up for the game!