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Newton Youth Hockey: U8 Skating Skills and Development

U8 Skating Skills and Development

This professional instruction-led program is an extension of our Sprites program, which focuses on learn to play hockey concepts. In these new developmental sessions, boys and girls of ages 6-8 will work on progressive hockey development. The skating skills and development sessions introduce the basic principles of Proper Skating Technique, Power and Speed, and Skill Blending. 

Participants will begin with the fundamental skills involved in Proper Skating Technique, which includes forward/backward strides, transitional skills, pivots, and cross overs. Next, we introduce and incorporate Power and Speed into each players' skating technique. As the kids strengthen their ability to apply these skills, Skill Blending will combine their skating skills and puck handling. Lastly, we develop their skating and puck handling skills into game-like situational drills which allow players to develop their ability to apply and adapt their skating and puck handling skills while under normal pressures of the game - Skill Development to Game Training.

Location: Daly Rink (4 Nonantum Road), Newton

Day/Time: Saturdays at 4pm

Dates: January 7 - 28 

Cost: $185

Follow this link to register with USA Hockey

Follow this link to register for U8 Skating Skills and Development

Prerequisites: Participants must have at minimum 1 full year of skating experience. Full hockey gear required. Participants must register with USA Hockey prior to registering for this program through Newton Youth Hockey. This is not a learn to skate program. If you are looking for a beginners program, email Lisa Casillo, VP Intramurals, at intramuralvp@newtonyouthhockey.com for additional guidance.