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Newton Youth Hockey: Girls Learn to Play Hockey

Middle School Girls Learn to Play Hockey
(Middle School Girls LTP and Girls LTP)

Not all Learn to Play Hockey programs are "one size fits all"; therefore, we are excited to offer a Girls Sprites/Learn to Play Hockey program for girls in middle school! The program is reflective of NYH's Sprites/Learn to Play Hockey coed program but in an environment that is suitable for those girls that prefer to learn in an all-girls atmosphere. The primary goal of the NYH Sprites/Learn to Play Hockey program is to create an environment that engenders confidence and an interest in hockey. 

All of the drills are designed to generate as much fun as possible while learning the core hockey skills and techniques. We will begin the 4-week program with a concentration on skills development, skating, stick handling, and coordination. Each week, we will build on the skills learned from the week before. 

The Girls Learn to Play Hockey program is open to skaters ages 8 and older.  If you have a skater outside these years wanting to participate, please   Girls Program Director (girls@newtonyouthhockey.com), to receive clearance to participate.  

Location: Daly Rink (4 Nonantum Road), Newton

Day/Time: Saturdays at 5pm

Dates: January 7 - 28

Cost: $150

Follow this link to register with USA Hockey

Follow this link to register for the 2023 Girls Learn to Play Hockey

Prerequisite: No experience is required, but participants should be completely independent on the ice. Full hockey gear is mandatory. Participants must register with USA Hockey prior to registering for this program through Newton Youth Hockey.

  • MANDATORY: All skaters must wear a hockey helmet with mask (no ski or bike helmets).  Neither parent nor child will be allowed on the ice without the helmet with mask. Please put your child's name on the front of the helmet so our volunteer coaches can personalize your participant's experience in the program.
  • All skaters MUST wear a full set of hockey equipment: elbow pads, shoulder pads, athletic supporter (hockey cup), hockey pants, shin guards, hockey skates, and hockey gloves. 
  • Hockey sticks are required. The top of the hockey stick should be between the nose and chin when the child is standing up WITH the skates on. If the hockey stick is too big or too small, the drills/games will hinder the child's skills development.
  • We recommend dressing in this order: athletic supporter/cup, knee/shin pads, socks (garter belt), pants, skates, chest pad, elbow pads, jersey, hockey helmet, gloves and a stick.
  • We do not advise wearing equipment big enough “to grow into”—proper fitting equipment will ensure your child’s safety, comfort, and ease of movement.
  • Gently used equipment may be available, but we recommend finding most of the equipment at Play It Again Sports in either Dedham or Stoneham, which have the largest variety with knowledgeable staff.