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A Step by Step guide to Online Registration

The USA Hockey playing season goes from September 1 through August 31 of each

Online registration for each season is typically available starting April 1.
Individual participants are to follow these steps:

  1. Go to USA Hockey online registration.
  2. Choose member type Ice Player/Coach.
  3. You must be 18 years of age to process a registration…. Check the box that acknowledges that YOU are 18 or older.
  4. Follow the prompts…fill in all data correctly.
  5. Process payment – Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express (credit or debit card). A Visa gift card will also work.
  6. You may print your Confirmation page at this time. It will also be emailed to you immediately after the registration is completed.
  7. Update your record in the NYH database

Each participant will pay the USA Hockey fee of $40 if age 7 or older.  The USA Hockey fee is waived for age 6 and younger. The registration must be completed for all players and coaches.

Participants will also pay any applicable Affiliate fee. Let your members know what the Affiliate fee is so they are prepared. If you aren’t sure what your Affiliate fee is, contact your Associate Registrar of call USA Hockey 1-800-566-3288 ext 123.

If a participant plays and coaches he/she pays only one registration fee.

Additional information:

The home address should be used for all participants. If a player lives in one state and plays in another, enter the home address and pay any applicable Affiliate fee. The confirmation page/number will be accepted by any USA Hockey program in the country.

Need a computer? Try your local library or school.

A Visa gift card can be used for payment if no credit card is available.

An email address is required. You can use a friend’s address if you don’t have one. Additional confirmation pages can be requested from the Welcome page of online registration. Click on the puck in the upper left corner and enter last name, date of birth and zip code. You can then print the page or send it to the email address you enter.