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Newton Youth Hockey

Newton Youth Hockey offers a variety of programs for children wanting to learn how to skate or learn to play hockey.  Please continue reading for descriptions of our programs. 

Learn to Skate
This program is intended for kids who are new to skating or need further work on skating basics.  The focus is on having fun while teaching them through games and other activities.   We work on getting up, balancing, pushing, gliding and stopping.  The skaters are placed into groups with similar ability.  There is one practice per week.  Availability varies throughout the year, September - March.
Newton Youth Hockey has on professional coaches to design and implement the curriculum for LTS but depends on active parent on-ice participation to assist in the learning process.  Having on-ice parent participation is critical to delivering a successful program.  With 2 sessions per year being offered, you can just do one or easily do both.  We will let you know if you should move to a different group.  Our goal is to make it fun for all participants.  Please follow this link for more details on the Learn to Skate programs.

Sprites/Learn To Play
This is the introduction to hockey program.  Skaters are on the ice twice per week.  One day per week is dedicated to skills and drills.  The second day per week is used for games where teams will play against each other while continuing to improve on hockey techniques.  Sticks and pucks are used.  Participants need the full complement of hockey pads.  The program will continue to build on skating skills but will introduce hockey stops, cross overs, more advanced balancing, stick use and puck handling,  etc.  Kids are placed into the program based on their birth year.  From there, they are assigned teams and will continue with those same teams for the whole season.  The program will run for 18 weeks and start in November.  Please follow this link for more details on the Sprites/Learn to Play program.

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