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News and Updates
NYH Community, I hope that everyone is enjoying a fantastic start...
Face coverings / neck gaiters available for pre-order
NYH Community! As we head into the summer months when kids will be...
2020-2021 NYH Coaches Application
Hi NYH Community, As we start the tryout process and begin to...
News and Updates

NYH Community,

I hope that everyone is enjoying a fantastic start to their summer. While it doesn’t feel at all like hockey season, there is a lot going on at NYH and I wanted to share some news and updates about the board, upcoming events, and preparations for next season.

1 - 2020/21 Board of Directors & Committees

First of all, thank you to everyone who gave their time last season. This season we have the good fortune of welcoming Aimee Sprung and I-Ping Li to our board. As a non-profit run entirely by volunteers, we rely heavily on the willingness of members to share their time and energy to provide a positive and productive environment for our players. Thank you Aimee and I-Ping for joining us and to everyone below for their continued contributions to NYH.

Board Members

Christopher Payton, President & Registrar

Aimee Sprung, Clerk

Christine Hildebrandt, Treasurer

Paul La Scola, VP Travel & Coaching Director

Lisa Casillo, VP Intramural & Girls Program Director

Alex Cooper, Rink Relations

Andrea Katsenes, Events & Goaltender Development

I-Ping Li, At Large Director

John Tam, IT

Committee Positions

Tom Dallaire, Equipment & Uniforms

Libby Foster, Timekeeping

Daniel Lieman, Ice Director & Scheduling

2 - Neck Gaiter Sales

Like it or not, 2020 is the summer of face coverings. Our NYH neck gaiters (available in both adult and youth sizes) have arrived and are available for pickup. If you placed an order, you will receive an email from me with details about contactless pickup. If you haven’t placed an order but want an easy face covering for your child to wear to camp, sports, or in public, we have lots left in stock. Orders can be placed in the NYH store directly from our website.

3 - 2020 Gear Swap

Although we cannot host a large event like we did last season, we are still planning to hold a modified version of our gear swap. This year we will be taking donations of items during July and will provide a number of timeslots in late summer during which you can try on and take home free gear! If you are looking to find a good home for equipment that no longer fits, please reach out to me ( ) about how you can donate it to the gear swap. We already have 70+ items in inventory and are making it available in an electronic format so that everyone will have a chance to see what’s available. If you want a preview of what’s already been put into the system, check out https://nyh2020.glideapp.io/.  

4 - Returning to the Rinks

There are still many unknowns about what restrictions we may be playing under when next season starts. The board is actively engaged in discussions with Massachusetts Hockey, the Valley Hockey League, and our rink partners to ensure that we’re following state guidelines and providing a safe and positive environment for our players when we return. We expect that many of these guidelines will become more clear in the coming weeks as the state moves towards Phase 3 of its reopening plan. Once we have answers to many of the questions that I’m sure we all share, the board will be hosting a webinar for the community to let you know what to expect and to answer any questions you may have. Expect details of this event to come out sometime in late July or early August. 

Have a fantastic summer, and I can’t wait to see our kids back on the ice playing the game they love in just a few short months.



by posted 06/27/2020
Face coverings / neck gaiters available for pre-order

NYH Community! As we head into the summer months when kids will be outdoors but will often be required to wear face coverings, we have ordered a limited supply of NYH neck gaiters in both adult and youth sizes. 

Many of us have found gaiters to be the ideal solution for outdoor work and play, as they can easily be kept around the neck until needing to be put in place. As an added bonus, this also makes them harder for kids to lose! Finding youth sizes locally has been a challenge, so in place of t-shirts we’ll be offering these as our summer fundraiser at $10 each. (However, note that we do also have a limited inventory of last summer’s shirts still in the store.)

We expect delivery in early July, at which point we’ll coordinate delivery or pickup. Pre-order now on our website under the Store tab at the top right, or use the link below.


Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming season and a “socially distant” gear swap event.

Get outside, enjoy the summer, and we’ll see you at the rink in just three months! 



by posted 06/08/2020
2020-2021 NYH Coaches Application

Hi NYH Community,

As we start the tryout process and begin to bring this exciting season to a close, it is time once again to begin the process for next season.  I would like to announce that NYH is opening Coaching registration for next year.  If you are interested in coaching next year, please fill out the application ASAP.  Within the application you will have the opportunity to state whether you want to be a head coach or assistant as well as the age specific group you would like to coach.  NYH is always in need of coaches, and your commitment will be greatly appreciated by all.

The Coaching selection process will happen after tryouts and once rosters have been created.

Any questions let me know.

Paul S. La Scola

Vice President of Travel

Acting Coaching Director

Newton Youth Hockey


by posted 02/02/2020
Roster Payments

To make your May 15th roster payment:

- Log into the website

- Select "My Account" at the very top right of the page

- Select "Pay Now" at the bottom of your account page


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