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Newton Youth Hockey is committed to helping make hockey accessible to everyone. Each year, NYH approves a fund specifically for financial aid. The policies around the provision of financial aid are dedicated to keeping distributions fair and equitable for all members in need. Our financial aid program has several options, including a modified or deferred payment plan, partial tuition scholarship, or other exceptions to the tuition policy.

All information provided to NYH is strictly confined to the Board members administering this Program. Applications will be reviewed by the NYH Treasurer and President only. 

Program Details

This program is effective for the 2024/25 year and eligibility is limited to players who are registered for this season. Eligibility is assessed on a season by season basis and players are not grandfathered in from prior seasons.

Aid amounts per player will vary each season based on the size of the fund and the need of the community. 

All players wishing to apply for financial aid must completed the application found here no later than May 31, 2024. All applications will be reviewed and responses provided by June 30, 2024.

Conditions of Financial Assistance

The following conditions must be met by Financial Aid Recipients or risk immediate removal from the Financial Aid Program. If any recipient is removed from the Financial Aid Program during the season, full tuition will become immediately due and payableNon-current accounts will result in player de-roster.

  1. All financial assistance granted is confidential and will not be discussed with any other NYH league families, players, or NYH Board members other than the NYH President and Treasurer. 
  2. The non-refundable tryout fee ($150 this year) must be paid before the financial assistance application will be reviewed. Any assistance granted will be applied to final payments for tuition. 
  3. All tuition amounts must be paid on a timely basis. Payment deadlines are provided upon registration. Any delay in tuition payment without the written consent of the NYH President or Treasurer will result in immediate removal from the financial aid program.
  4. All information submitted via the application must be true and complete. If any player receiving financial assistance is found to have provided false information, the NYH Board of Directors may revoke the financial aid provided at any time during the current season.


We will post any changes to the Program on the NYH website.

Should your circumstances change during the season such that you are able to pay tuition in full, please contact the Treasurer and arrange for repayment of tuition to allow NYH to continue to offer assistance to those in need.

Please send any questions to the NYH Treasurer at

NYH reserves the right to request additional information.

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