Tuition and Refund Policies


NYH shall be governed by a strict No pay, No play policy. Any player with an outstanding balance will not be allowed on the ice for practices, games or scrimmages until their account is paid. No player may register who owes from the previous year.

The Executive Committee shall adopt policies and procedures for the enforcement of the No Pay, No Play policy, including but not limited to assessing late fees and or interest on any amounts due.

Except for Midget players all tuition fees for Travel players shall be paid in full no later than November 15th of each season. Fees for Midgets and Intramural programs shall be paid in full at the start of each season. The Executive Committee may in its discretion provide for the payment of tuition in payment of installments.

The only exceptions to this requirement will be the extent to which particular players and their families are eligible for (subject to the final approval of the NYH Treasurer) Financial Aid or Injury Credits. Please refer to those specific sections of this policy for additional details. 

Fees: Registration, Tryout, Roster, and Late Fees

All players trying out for a Travel Team will be required to pay a non-refundable registration fee payment prior to tryouts. The payment will be applied to each individual player’s tuition for the upcoming season.

Players that have past due tuition balances from prior seasons will not be allowed to try out until outstanding balances have been paid in full or satisfactory payment arrangements have been made with the association's President ( or Treasurer (

Rosters will be posted on the NYH website by late-May. Please note that the first non-refundable Roster Payment (see registration for payment schedule) must be made by May 1st in order for a player to:

1) Secure their place on a travel team roster, and

2) Be allowed to participate when the season commences in the Fall.

Registration/Tryout and Rostering fees must be paid in full, when due, for each participant. In addition, late payments will be subject to a $50 monthly fee if not paid in full by November 15th.  

Midget players must be paid in full by September 1st, prior to participating for their respective team.

Outstanding Balances

Players who do not maintain their accounts on a timely basis may be suspended in accordance to NYH No Pay, No Play Policy. Any player with an outstanding balance in excess of 15 days past a scheduled due date may not be allowed to return to his or her respective team until the balance is paid or satisfactory arrangements have been made with the program's Treasurer.

If you anticipate any difficulty in meeting the payment schedule, you are obligated to notify the program's Treasurer ( at the beginning of the season or if you know that you will be unable to meet a particular NYH payment deadline. Requests for alternative payment plans will be kept strictly confidential. A limited amount of Financial Aid shall be granted each year by a committee consisting of the President and Treasurer. All applicants must be willing to pay at least 20% of the tuition fee. Documentation must be submitted to verify the need.

There will be a $20 fee assessed for any returned check. Payments may be made online at or via mail.

Payment Address

All payments should be sent to:

Newton Youth Hockey

P.O. Box 153

Auburndale, MA 02466 

Refund Policy

The payment schedule and policies of Newton Youth Hockey are reflective of other youth hockey organizations in Massachusetts in the sense that the program requires members to pay their participation fees in full soon after the season commences. The cost of ice is a significant portion of Newton Youth Hockey's operating expenses. The ice expense comes due very early in the season. Accordingly, certain payments are non-refundable and non-transferable as defined above.

The payment schedule is such that it corresponds with the timing of NYH obligations. As a result, no refunds will be issued for voluntary discontinuation.

Any player still in the program after July 1st will be required to meet the program's full tuition requirements for the season unless the player's circumstances are reviewed and approved as a special hardship case by the Executive Committee. 

Injury Credit Policy

If a player is unable to participate because of illness/injury, hockey related or not, he/she may be eligible for a monetary injury credit subject to the review and approval of the NYH Treasurer. The following criteria will be used when evaluating a player's injury credit:

The injury/illness must be at least 4 weeks duration.

The player's circumstances will be reviewed upon their return to their respective team except in situations where a player will be out for the remainder of the season.

The injury/illness must be verified by the "Coaching Director" and the length of absence verified by that player's coach with a doctor’s note validating the illness/injury and that the player is authorized to return to play.

If these criteria are met and the Treasurer approves the credit, the dollar amount will be determined by using the participation fees for that level, net of Registration and Rostering fees, divided by the number of weeks in the season and multiplied by the number of weeks the player has missed. 


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